Copyright © 2006 On Track Recording Studio . All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2006 On Track Recording Studio . All Rights Reserved
Services and Rates
Services and Rates
Multi-Track Recording                   Drum ,Keyboard, Vocal Tracks     
Mixing                                            Singer & Karaoke Packages
Mastering                                      Advertisements/Jingles    
Duplication                                    Graphic Design/CD  
College Audition CDs                                    
We offer High-quality, professional results at  prices
we know you can afford!
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Recordings are typically booked by the hour or in blocks.

On Track does have a two hour minimum charge for each studio session   

We except cash, money orders and PayPal only.
Sorry We Do Not Except Personal Checks

When paying with Paypal, the time booked must be paid in advance.
If you go over  your session time that was paid with PayPal,either the over time
must be paid in cash at the end of that session,at the beginning of the next
session or can be paid again with Paypal prior to returning for your next session.

No masters or CD-Rs will be released until all accounts are paid in full, no

Make a payment on your session using PayPal
Cancellation  Policy
No Shows  - deposit is applied to that time booked. In the event the deposit
does not cover that time, the balance must be paid prior to next session.

• Less than 48 hours notice - deposit is forfeited and applied to cancelled time

• More than 48 hours notice - deposit is applied to the end of your project

Free Session Planning
We personally meet with every potential client prior to coming into the studio.  
When you or your band come into the studio to take a tour ,you'll be able to
listen to music we've recorded and demo any of our in-house gear .We will also
give you a guide that we've written, that will show you how to get the most out of
your recording time. It will guide you around most of the pitfalls that bands run
into in the studio. We also will go over  our studio policies together, so there is
no surprises when you start your recording project and get to know what to
expect from each other.
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