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Take Your MUSIC To The Next Level
Take Your MUSIC To The Next Level
If your goal is to record and release your own independent CD, then
you owe it to yourself to check us out . Why risk your bands success
by recording yourself, in a friend’s bedroom, or in a low budget
studio? We have the gear,professionally treated rooms, and the
experience to make your band sound better than ever.
We will  produce a  mastered product for you , that is radio ready.

A bands success lies heavily in their music but, also in  the quality of
their demo or album. Your recording is your calling card to show your
fans, clubs owners, booking agents, record label's, radio stations ,
A&R reps and publishers, what your band is all about .

So when you're ready to Take Your Music To The Next Level and
make that killer demo or masterpiece album, give us a call . We’ll
have you come in to see our studio and go over your project with
you in detail. All at no cost to you!
On Track Recording Studio is a Digital/Analog multi-track
recording studio located in Ronkonkoma , NY. The primary focus
of our studio, is to give musicians an opportunity to produce a high
quality Demo at a price they can afford.
Your Satisfaction Is Our Reputation
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