On Track Recording Studio consists of a acoustically designed Control room,
Live room and Vocal booth all based on the designs of Steve Klein, who designed
studios for James Taylor and John Rzeznick (Goo Goo Dolls) and John Sayers
Production who has designed studios all over the world.  

If you want to make Great-Sounding , Full-Frequency Recordings,
work in a Great-Sounding , Full Frequency Environment "
Steven Klein
Control Room
Acoustically Designed
Control room
Vocal Booth
Our Hart Pro 6.4 -14 Piece Kit w/ Roland TD20
module. The TD20 has been programmed
with over 100 of the best sounding acoustic
kits of all time. Each kit has been modeled
against the actual drums and recorded
samples of the actual drums.
These kits sound amazing!

The Hart kit has mesh heads for an amazing
feel! Come Check Them Out!

Contact us  for a complete list of our kits
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